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Fort collins home and building inspections

Whether you are preparing to sell or buy a home, it’s good to avoid unexpected surprises by getting professional home inspections in Fort Collins completed first. When you choose Inspections By Referral, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that your home has been thoroughly inspected before a sale. For those looking to sell a commercial building, building inspections can help the buyer make a confident and informed purchase decision.

Home inspections aren’t just for those looking to buy or sell a pre-existing home – they are also important when constructing a new home. Whether it’s still in the stages of putting up the drywall and insulation, or near the closing stage, we have you covered. If your newly constructed home is nearing the end of its one year warranty coverage, we can identify any issues. For those who have been homeowners for years, our Fort Collins building inspections can help too. If you’re concerned with your home’s safety and value, we also provide home maintenance inspections. Our insurance inspections can also help address insurable conditions to support a claim or in defense of a home owner. In our home inspections, we can also check homes for underlying moisture – whether it’s a pre-existing issue or a contractor did not completely address the issue from a leak – we can help. We are also glad to come out and inspect a single item or systems in your home.

Inspections By Referral has over 14 years of providing home inspections in Fort Collins. We look at every home as if it were our own, so you can count on us to be honest and up-front.

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